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Brotherhood activities 2013

Character Information
Name: St John (John) Allerdyce
Codename: Pyro
Age/DOB: 28
Affiliations: Magneto's Brotherhood
Occupation: Mutant Terrorist
Physical Traits: 5'10", Ash blonde hair, hazel eyes. Australian, but doesn't sound it. Right handed.
Powers: Can manipulate (but not generate) fire and flames. All he needs is a spark and it's showtime. Also, has a much higher core body temperature than normal.
Personality: Has mellowed quite a bit since his first stint in the Brotherhood. Doesn't generally go looking for a fight anymore, but will certainly react if someone brings one to him. FoH are very high on his sh*t list, so he'll gladly go after them.

John had finally settled into his new life at Xavier's School (Mutant High) thanks to the support of his peers, the teachers and especially because of Kitty Pryde. His life was pretty mundane, but he decided he preferred it that way. Work hard, keep your head down, atone for past sins. He worked part time at a bookstore, and for room and board he did admin work at the school. Dealing with the Legacy virus was always on his mind, though. He was highly aware of the danger he posed to his girlfriend and the other students, and the threat that he could accidentally infect any of them was always in the back of his mind. He coped as well as he could, taking the medications Dr McCoy prescribed, and looking after himself (even if that meant time in the Danger Room with Logan.) All in all, he was contented and tamed, his days as a mutant extremist well and truly behind him- or so it seemed...

Until Mystique walked back into his life.

She'd eventually thrown off the Cure, and her body had reverted to its ability to shapeshift. The Government (with whom she had been working, trying to bring down Magneto) decided to try to keep her on a leash. They created a position for someone with her unique talents- a black book operation called Freedom Force. She was to head up a team of her choosing, comprised of mutants, to do the government's dirty work. She'd happily agreed, but being the villain she is, decided she'd do a few 'jobs' for herself on the side. Her target- Friends of Humanity.
She tracked down John and approached him with an offer to join Freedom Force. John walked away from her, not interested in returning to 'that life'. But Mystique's parting shot gave him pause: "Wouldn't you like a chance to get back at the people who gave you that disease?"

That concept weighed heavily on John's conscious. And eventually, John being the hot-head he is, he took up her offer. He wasn't willing to completely undo all the progress he'd made at Xavier's, so he had some conditions.
1) He wouldn't go after civilian targets. (So no random firebombing!) FoH targets only.
2) He would only work on a job-by-job basis, turning anything down that he didn't agree with or didn't want to get involved in.
3) He wouldn't push himself beyond his physical limits and risk making himself gravely ill.
4) No one at Xavier's could know what he was up to- especially not Kitty.

So his double life began. He would disappear for days at a time. Kitty didn't know what was going on but she didn't suspect he was running with his old crowd.
And then of course, the inevitable happened- the X team went into a FoH facility to gather intel on the group's plans, only to find Mystique's FF team in there already, sabotaging FoH equipment. The job went bad, and both teams had to fight their way out. The X team ended up taking an injured John with them back to the mansion- all of them appalled to discover John's involvement with Freedom Force. Recovering a few days later John realised he’d lost the trust of his peers (though some of them kind-of understood why he did what he did.) Kitty however was furious, feeling totally betrayed by the man she loved, she refused to hear out John’s side of the story and issued an ultimatum- US or THEM.

John didn’t want to go. He genuinely loved Kitty. He appreciated the rapport he had made with the other students and the teachers. But deep down in his heart he knew he was destined to walk a darker path.

So he walked away from Mutant High….

Intervening years: 2008-2011:
John stayed off the grid, surfacing only to run jobs for FF. He was always on the move, never settling in one place for more than a few months at a time- partly because of his ‘work’ partly because nowhere felt like home to him anymore…

During this period of time FF and the X-Men have several conflicting missions that lead to runs-ins between John and his old friends. He found himself quite unable to act in a way that would cause them harm, and on several occasions he backed out without completing his job (drawing the ire of Mystique and the scorn of his FF team-mates.) But there were also several missions when the odds become stacked against both the X-team and FF, and they briefly united against their common enemies to fight their way out. Though he was unwilling to bring harm to his former friends, they weren’t so forgiving, with Kitty being especially brutal towards him. These encounters weighed heavily on John, and after several years with FF, and with his health rapidly declining, John officially retired and disappeared.

Things went from bad to worse for the Mutant population of earth, and it was not over by a long shot. Mystique was eventually reunited with Magneto, and Freedom Force evolved into the new Brotherhood. Magneto tracked John down and asked him to rejoin the group. John was not especially interested, and certainly not physically up to it- but Magneto has a bargaining chip: a radical, highly experimental Legacy treatment that will not only prolong John's life, but give him use of his full abilities again. He asked that John return for just one month to see how things have changed, and guaranteed he would provide John with treatment for a full year in exchange. John took him up on his offer. The treatment did exactly as Magneto promised, and John agreed to stay on, under the same conditions he struck with Mystique. Magneto welcomed him back with open arms, knowing it would be just a matter of time until John was feeling his ‘old self’ again…

Genosha is attacked/destroyed. Xavier’s School is attacked/destroyed. John is still fighting the Legacy virus, and under Magneto’s banner he vows to make the Mutant-killers pay. When he hears of the school’s decimation, he begins to realise that the only way to survive is to somehow unite the Brotherhood with his old friends, the X-Men… But how will he bridge the gap when there’s so much bad blood between them all…?

RPG Information:
Gizmo/LJ Chat Screenname: TBC
Played By/Player Base: Bombshell_chic