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[Private entry] Got a haircut, got a real job.

First day at Better Read Than  Dead. It was surprisingly tiring. 

Kinda felt like a dick for most of the, on account of being the newbie and not knowing anything. 
Aside from that it was okay. 

Ada is pretty cool, I think she'll be easy to work for. Two of the other staff were there; Jenna seems like a giggling blonde bimbo, but she has a knowledge of books and authors which is to be admired; and Evan, who seems like a Jesus freak, but actually has a good, twisted sense of humour and reasonable taste in music. 

Yes, there IS life outside of the school. And some people who don't actually suck. Go figure.

Kitty would be proud (and Bobby surprised) -had several obnoxious people come in, and I didn't kill a single one of them. One girl asked me who wrote Dante's Inferno. Seriously.
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